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The Luscious Lips lip pump works by creating a vacuum to draw fluid into the lips from the tissues surrounding the lips and mouth area. At the beginning the tissue in your lips is not accustomed to holding the additional fluid, and so it is necessary to gradually build up the tissue in the lips by using the pump gently and sparingly, especially in the critical first few days.

Beginners: Condition your lips with the Luscious Lips pump for the first 10-14 days.

Tilt head back slightly and place the Luscious Lips pump over your mouth, ensuring that you cover the entire lips. Hold the pump firmly in place and create an airtight seal by placing your thumb and forefinger on each side of the mouthpiece. To create an initial vacuum in the mouthpiece, suck the air out of the mouthpiece. You should feel the mouthpiece snug up to your face. (If you have a narrow face, it may be necessary to turn the whole pump upside down to create an airtight seal.)

Pull the outer cylinder slowly with the opposite hand and allow the device to pull the lips gently into the cylinder. It is not necessary to pull the cylinder all the way out. Hold this position for TWO SECONDS and release the vacuum by returning the outer cylinder to its original position. Repeat this process four additional times for a total of five times each day for the first ten to 14 days.

Intermediate Level: Creating Plump, Full Lips.

Following the initial conditioning period, increase the duration of the "pull" gradually each day, beginning with three five-second pulls for two or three days and increasing to three 10 second pulls by the end of the first week following the initial conditioning period. You will see your lips plump before your very eyes! Three 10-second plumps will create a light plump. Five 10-second plumps will create a moderate plump that lasts a few hours. You may choose to re-plump two or three times a day.

Advanced Level: Create the Luscious Lips YOU want.

As an intermediate user, you know by now how effective the Luscious Lips pump can be, so use your own good judgement when creating the plumpness you desire in your lips. Most users seek to achieve a moderate plump with three or four 15-second plumps which lasts for a few hours. Then, they re-plump their lips two or three times a day to maintain the moderate plump. You can create a full Hollywood plump with longer "pulls." Use three 30-second pulls to get large, full lips. Please be certain that your lips are well conditioned before attempting the Hollywood plump. Do not exceed 120 seconds of use per session.



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