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Fuller, more luscious lips are one of the most commonly desired physical attributes, either because a woman was born with lips that aren't very full, or because the lips have lost some of their volume as a woman has matured. Either way, lips that are lacking in volume create in a woman the natural and understandable desire for a fuller, poutier look.

Until recently the only way to get fuller, poutier lips was by taking the drastic and expensive step of cosmetic surgery or by enduring a long series of painful collagen injections. But now a new invention - Luscious Lips - offers a simple, safe and convenient way of achieving exactly the same look.

Luscious Lips is a "lip plumper" which needs to be used for only a few seconds each day. This small hand-held device increases lip size quickly and easily, provides perfectly natural looking results, and once the lips are "plumped" they will stay that way for hours.

Explore these pages to discover more about Luscious Lips and how it is used.

This product is not a medical treatment and is not intended to treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease.

For further information you can e-mail us at:

Our address is: Vortex Health & Beauty Ltd, 54 Melville Court, Croft Street, London SE8 5DR

Our telephone no. is: (020) 7237 0071

Our fax no. is: (020) 7231 1463

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