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In cases where a woman's breasts didn't fully develop during puberty, Wonderup can give the body the help it needs for the breasts to reach the size that nature intended.

But Wonderup is not only of assistance to those who haven't ever fulfilled their potential breast size. Many women whose breasts originally developed satisfactorily find that their breast size decreases as they grow older or as a result of other factors such as pregnancy or breastfeeding. In these cases Wonderup can help to restore lost breast size, or if size isn't the problem, help to restore the firmness or the vitality to breasts that have lost some of their youthful allure.

Wonderup can also be of benefit to women who consider their breasts to already be large enough. In fact many larger-breasted women who have used Wonderup have experienced considerable breast enhancement, not in the sense of size increase, but in the sense of firming and toning effects and in the achievement of a rounder, smoother, younger, uplifted look.

If a woman is large-breasted already, it's rather unlikely that taking Wonderup can result in any significant size increase, although it's possible that a very slight increase may be experienced. This is because breast growth resulting from taking Wonderup is an effect of the hormone balancing qualities of the herbal ingredients and hormone balancing naturally regulates proper breast growth and development.

The taking of Wonderup therefore tends to lead to a woman gaining enhanced breasts that are proportionate to her overall stature. This means that those who are A or B cup to begin with, or smaller than that, are the most likely to see actual size increase, as those who are C cup or more to begin with may simply not be able to get any bigger. However, the firming and uplifting effects of taking the formula are likely to be available to everyone who wants them.

You can read more about the different kinds of cases in which Wonderup has produced a positive outcome by referring to our user testimonials page, "Breast Enhancement Testimonials", where you can find a wide and varied selection of experiences from women who have reported benefiting from taking the formula.



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